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**Multi Language & Currency * Split Item & Merge Tickets

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About our Reseller/Partner Programs

We believe that commerce belongs to everyone. From the entrepreneurs who realize their dreams of starting a business; to the storefronts and restaurants that project new perspectives onto our streets; to the communities that are shaped by those businesses. Retailers and restaurateurs make our lives more enjoyable. At Clearwire POS, we want to make their work more enjoyable. That’s why we make great point of sale products for both retail stores and restaurants. Our tools are designed around the realities of day-to-day management so that they can be used by anyone, with any size of business. With the right technology, business owners can sell more, make their customers happier, and actually make the world a better place. We support main street business and offer our customers the best in product and customer service!

Program Overview

Clearwire POS’s unique Partner Program provides our business partners with the tools they need to build successful and profitable Software as a Service business. With products for both retail and restaurant clients, we work hand-in-hand with our partners to ensure that we provide a best-in-class offering to all of our clients globally. Clearwire’s partners have the opportunity to leverage our internal support network to help drive software sales as well as supporting clients once they have adopted the software. Our goal is to foster long lasting and engaging relationships with our partners.

Why partner with Clearwire POS? Clearwire POS offers an outstanding product with efficient and powerful integrations — and our excellent incentive programs and support systems help our partners make the best of it. We provide all of our partners with access to a dedicated Channel representative. They will be there for our partners throughout every stage of the sales cycle to help answer any question and offer the sales support required, such as assistance with quotes and advice on sales. What’s expected of our Partners? We expect our partners to use the tools Clearwire provides to generate interest in their respective markets. We provide our partners with the resources to generate their own leads. Partners are expected to be able to perform all the necessary sales functions to take an opportunity from lead generation to close of the sale. Partners require the self-motivation to handle their own advertising and implementations, handle technical inquiries and any other kinds of support that their prospects and customers require. We expect independence and a desire to succeed, an interest in continued training and engagement with our organization on all levels. We also encourage our partners to use their expertise in IT and other solutions to incorporate these offerings into their Clearwire proposals.

What kind of support can our partners expect? Clearwire provides our partners with all of the tools they need to succeed including a dedicated channel representative who will guide our partners throughout the relationship with Clearwire. We also offer a technical product expert that can be used to demo the product remotely. We have a partner training department that ensures our partners have the knowledge they require to become independent and a partner marketing department which helps partners attend events to promote their Clearwire offering. Branding & Marketing with Clearwire POS, our partners gain more than our product; they gain access to a well-known Clearwire POS brand name. As a partner, subject to approval, you have full access to our brand name and logo as well as any of our marketing materials such as email templates, printed brochures, and graphical images for website, poster templates or postcards for events. Clearwire supports our partners and their business; Training for our partners, training with Clearwire POS is an ongoing process. Initially, each potential partner has access to our online training module and will need to pass an examination to receive their certification. Partners have access to our learning management systems as well as in-person training at our headquarters.

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